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Greetings and it is a pleasure to get to know you all.  I have had the pleasure of owning and being the sole practitioner of the The Law Office of Timothy A. Moran, LLC for just over two years now.  In that time, I have been lucky enough to assist people with their legal needs in both Seminole and Orange counties and throughout the state of Florida.  I got my start as they say, volunteering with a local legal aide agency, Community Legal Service of Mid-Florida, Inc.  There I was fortunate able to enough to assist clients Pro Bono with Foreclosure defense.  I was deeply honored that as a result of that work I received the Young Lawyers Pro Bono Award in 2012.  It was truly one of the most proud moments of my life.  Here are some articles pertaining there to.  So, if you wish, share some of it with me.  Sadly this is my first blog post, but hope to make this a more common experience.  If you any of you need to speak with me, please contact me at the number above.  You will either speak directly to me or my legal assistant, Regina.

Tim Moran in Florida Trend Sept 2012

Seminole Voice Pro Bono Award Tim Moran 022212

Florida Bar Journal article